NYC based painter, programmer, and mother. She is always interested in new and emerging technologies.

An Artist

I see myself as a painter. I tailor the function of my applications to meld with the life of the user. I design experiences that are absolutely simple yet fully practical. In the end, the user can no longer imagine life without the product.

A little about me

My name is Irena Romendik.
I am a Designer, Front End Developer, a mixture of an Artist and a Programmer. I hold degrees from ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU and PRATT.

I am currently working for Teach For America as a Director of Front End Development. I was also working for a consulting agency as a Developer. Most of my recent code is written for corporate clients and not available for public view, so I’m happy to provide code samples in person. Some of my older projects are showcased at Projects section of this site.

I'm fascinated with new technologies, constantly experimenting, learning and widening my skill set. I apply unique thinking and strategies used in the arts to innovation in other sectors. I practice techniques derived from art-thinking to find alternative solutions for tricky questions in different subjects or fields.

Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you soon.


About this site

I designed and coded this site from the ground up © 2012.
This site uses CodeIgniter MVC architecture, as well as wonderful JavaScript libraries including jQuery, Masonry, and D3. I utilize PHP flavor of Flickr API for Art section of this site.